Finger Licking Good

I like finger foodEver since I was a pup I’ve enjoyed going on car rides. Any dog that doesn’t like it probably has a little cat in its blood. I knew a dog like this once. Her name was Buttons. Enough said.

Anyway, when we’re out and about town, I sit in the back seat taking it all in. As we pass our local churches, I always point at them hoping for my parents to stop. It isn’t for a spiritual intervention I’m looking for, but rather to partake in the abundance of wine and dry crackers housed inside.

Seeing this, my mother always warns me, “Bo, if you point at a church, your paw will disappear!”

Yeah right. It’s the same type of advice she gives me about the funny faces I make at her when told to come. “Bo, your snout is going to freeze like that if you don’t stop.” Nothing has happened to my money maker yet so I rarely heed that advice.

Well, it turns out that pointing does make things disappear, but not necessarily if you point at churches. I’ll let The Local newspaper in Sweden give you the full details.

A 13-year-old girl had her fingertip badly bitten by a spectacled caiman at a wildlife park in eastern Sweden on Monday.

The girl, Elisa, was left needing stitches when the reptile lurched forward and snapped at her outstretched hand, Aftonbladet reports.

The girl was pointing something out to her older brother in Furuviken park’s new South America house when the crocodilian reptile attacked.

Elisa’s brother told the newspaper that the family was shocked by the sight of the girl’s finger “covered in blood and in tatters”.

The girl was taken by ambulance to Gävle County Hospital. She was discharged on Monday evening with a heavily bandaged finger.

But head zookeeper Johnny Persson refused to blame Gorm, the 20-year-old spectacled caiman, for feasting on the visitor’s fingertip.

“The enclosure is surrounded by a fence that is 1.30 metres high. The girl bent down right over the fence and animals like that don’t like it when you point at them,” he told The Local.

Personally, I’d rather link fingers than eat them.

Photo courtesy of Furuviksparken


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