Six Million Dollar Goose

Fly? I'd rather runOK, so maybe the title is a bit misleading, but if you’re a fan of 1970′s bad TV you’ll get it.

Chances are you’re too young, as am I, to have seen the TV series Six Million Dollar Man when it originally aired. But, through the wonders of and several other online streaming sites, you can check out what made Steve Austin worth that much.

Here’s a hint…it wasn’t because he was a great pilot.

Now we have a goose getting in on the game. The Telegraph.UK has the details.

Here is the world’s first bionic Goose. The two-week old gosling was found with a broken leg, but vets did not have the heart to put it down.

Instead, they decided to operate on the young creature, named Betty, to give her a bionic leg.

She was fitted with steel pins, nuts and bolts to build a leg brace which soon got her back up and waddling around.

The orphan, found at Watermead, Buckinghamshire, has already learned to walk again at nearby Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital.

Carers hope to release Betty back to the wild in three weeks.

Somebody is not going to be happy when that leg gets stuck in their throat.


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