Mynah’s Lungs Filled with Smoke

July 27 | 1 Comment

Where's my damn coffee!I never took up smoking.

Not cigarettes. Not cigars. Not even the hemp my best friend Nugget offered me as a teenager. I guess I was lucky, and smart.

I’d seen the videos of the charcoal lined lungs resulting from a lifetime of smoking in obedience class. No thanks. I needed my stamina for the parent – dog chases I orchestrated as well as being the head of the “running pack” marathon sessions with my canine buddies.

Besides, I wouldn’t want my pup dollars supporting the rest of canine society with the exorbitant taxes I’d be paying on every pack of cigarettes.  They’d be better spent on Savory Sauce for my Milkbones.

But I’m a wise dog. Birds not so much.

Check out this story from The Austrian Times that details my claim.

A Mynah bird in China has taken up smoking after constantly pestering his owner to give him a cigarette. Zhang Li, from Xuzhou in eastern China, said: “As soon as he sees me in the morning the first thing he says is that he wants a cigarette. And he doesn’t stop pestering me until I give him one.”

He said the bird called Xi Zi used to be quite happy with half a cigarette a day but now he likes to have a least three at different times of the day or becomes unbearable. He said: “[H]e is a complete addict now.”

Li believes the Mynah bird famed for its ability to impersonate humans learned to ask for a cigarette after seeing him ask his wife if he could have one of her cigarettes.

He said: “He is very talented, he can recite poetry and can sing but he refuses to do any of that until he’s had a cigarette in the morning. Then he sits there happily chatting away and performing to anybody that comes to visit.”

And he added: “I tried to help him quit smoking, but failed because he refuses to speak or eat unless I give him cigarettes.”

I wonder if a nicotine patch interferes with one’s ability to fly. If it were me, I’d choose the gum.


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  1. Pet Beds on July 28th, 2009 2:25 am

    What? a cigarette for a bird? what is this man thinking? He is just killing his bird.. He should do something about it, an alternative maybe..

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