Dog Busted Out of Canine Jail

Police dog's do it legallyHow far would your owners go to save your fur?

Would they give up some of their hard earned cash? How about the time needed to nurse you back to health after a serious illness? Would they commit a crime if it meant keeping you in their lives?

I know my parents’ answers: yes, yes, no.

What can I say, they’re law abiding citizens. That means the purchase of medical marijuana for my glaucoma from Chachi down at the street corner is out, but they wouldn’t hesitate flying me to San Francisco to drop me off at a cannabis club. They’re strange folks, but who am I to judge.

Well, a woman in Wyoming shows how far she’d go to save her precious pit-bull. The Casper Star-Tribune has all the details.

Police arrested a Casper woman last weekend in connection to a burglary at the animal shelter where her pit bull was being held.

Jessica Johnson, 26, was booked on suspicion of burglary and conspiracy following the early Saturday morning break-in at Metro Animal Control in Casper, police said.

Police responding to a security alarm at the shelter found the pit bull running outside the building. The same dog had been taken to Metro Animal Control a day earlier after Johnson ran from officers following a traffic stop.

Responding officers determined someone had gotten into the shelter by smashing a window, according to a police affidavit. They discovered the pit bull was the only dog missing from the shelter.

A man found in a car near Metro told police he had driven Johnson and another man to the shelter. He said the pair brought walkie talkies with them, as well as a backpack.

Police found Johnson at 2nd and Evans streets in Evansville and caught her after a foot chase. She declined to speak with a detective.

Declined to speak? She probably didn’t sit either.


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