If I Could Walk 1000 Miles…

Walk this wayI got lost once.

It happened at my grandparents’ house. They have a few acres of wooded land where I was allowed to run free. There were always squirrels and woodchucks and birds and wild turkeys and a slew of other cool things running and flying around. You know, the types of things I usually only saw on Animal Planet.

It was late afternoon after a raccoon chase worthy of a KTLA helicopter breaking newsflash when I found myself in a strange part of the forest. Nothing looked, sounded and worst of all smelled familiar. I was lost.

I remember the trees as they spun around me while I looked skyward. Dazed and confused I ventured forth for minutes on end until I found a small opening between some trees. There, on the other side, was the interstate. Ahh, finally civilization! I knew it was the interstate because the road was paved. Had it just been a dirt road then I would have simply referred to it as the local highway.

I leaped through the opening onto the newly paved asphalt and galloped to the other side. I was ready to put my paw out and hitchhike home when I heard “Bo? Bo? Where are you?”

It was my father.

The sound of his voice stopped me in my tracks. I turned around. Protruding from behind a large tree was his familiar big fat head. He was quick to spot me, but before the command, “Bo come!” could be uttered, the outline of a sizeable truck grew larger as itbarreled down the interstate. Adorned with a shiny silver bulldog hood ornament, the red Mack truck traveled at an unsafe speed with twenty thousand pounds of cow’s milk in tow.

My father recognized the dangerous nature of the situation. He held firm on his side of the interstate telling me, “Stay! Bo Stay!” while extending his arm out straight like an overzealous crossing guard at the local obedience school.

What did he think I was going to do, run in front of a Mack truck? C’mon, if it was a Freightliner I may have considered it, but not a Mack.

The rush of air created by the passing truck blew my hair and ears back. I held my head high. I looked sexy, damn sexy. Heck, I should have been put on the cover of Dog Living Magazine. Yeah, I looked that good.

As the truck disappeared into the horizon, my father ran across the road and corralled me with leash in hand.

He was there to save the day and save it he did.

Well he didn’t really but I know he reads the blog so I’ll give him credit. I’ll say this, he did know the most direct way to get me back home for if it had been up to me it would have taken a lot longer. I appreciated his effort.

But not every dog is as lucky as me.  Take for instance Muffy, a canine in Australia. I’ll let the Times Online tell you her story.

Just like Lassie the adventurous collie dog, a scruffy pet named Muffy will finally return home after a nine-year, 2000km (1250 mile) odyssey down the east coast of Australia.

The terrier-cross (or “bitsa” as her type of cross-breed is more affectionately known) was last seen by her owners on the Gold Coast in Queensland in 2000 ago when she took off from a friend’s house one day and never came back.

Incredibly, earlier this month, Muffy was discovered in Melbourne, Victoria, by the RSPCA, who had been tipped off by a good Samaritan concerned about a sickly looking, flea-ridden dog living in decrepit surroundings in a suburban backyard.

“We found her living in pretty awful conditions on a piece of cardboard, she had matted hair and was riddled with fleas and had a really severe dermatitis condition,” Victorian RSPCA inspector Gail Coulter told The Times.

After a vet cleaned up the scruffy white-haired dog and gave her medication for her bad skin condition, the welfare agency officers discovered the then-unknown pet had a microchip which meant she could potentially be traced to owners.

“We had to get the tracing department to track down the details because it was such an old microchip, and when we found the owner we rang her and said we’d found Muffy, and it’s fair to say she was pretty surprised,” Ms Coulter said.

On the Gold Coast, Natalie Lampard was stunned when the RSPCA phoned. “I just couldn’t believe it, it’s absolutely amazing,” Ms Lampard told The Times. “I told my daughter Chloe and she was just over the moon, she can’t wait to see Muffy again.”

Ms Lampard said Chloe Rushby, now 17, had been inseparable with the dog, which was her best friend when she was a child.

“They stuck together all the time and Muffy would sleep on Chloe’s bed every night,” she said.

While the RSPCA have confirmed the dog lived in filthy conditions in the house in Melbourne for at least a year, the real story behind the rest of Muffy’s journey – she somehow travelled across three states and the Australian Capital Territory – will never be known.“I’m sure she’s been through some incredible adventures over the years,” said Ms Coulter. “If only she could talk, she’d have a great story to tell.”

Obligatory video of the happy, sappy story is at the link.


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