Tortoise Survives in Hot House

This tortoise house could use some air conditioningI’m fast. Real fast.

So fast that when I run, the friction causes huge blisters to form on my paw pads. I don’t mind, I love popping them with my mother’s knitting needles. Don’t worry, the yarn isn’t attached. If it was, I’d imagine I’d be the featured Christmas ornament for the year.

Anyway, speed kills. Just ask Dale Earnhardt, Hunter S. Thompson and Wiley E. Coyote.

You know who also knows this? A tortoise. Yeah, the same guy who’s had a long running (walking?) feud with the hare.

Even in sticky, or should I say hot situations, he manages to stay cool. The Metro has the details on how it’s done.

If you’re a tortoise and a fire breaks out, you just have to keep your head down – or rather, in.

So, when Shelli’s cage was engulfed – along with his owner’s house – it was feared he was toast.

She assumed the worst for Shelli. He was so hot he ‘phfizzed’ when firefighters put him in water – and then poked his head out.

‘The firemen said he was steaming when they put him in the bucket of water and he was so hot they couldn’t pick him up,’ said Ms Smith, 27.

‘It’s a miracle he is OK – especially when you see the state of the cage.’

Vets kept him in overnight and Shelli is now nibbling cucumber again.

‘He didn’t eat for a few days and still smells a bit smoky but has no other long lasting effects,’ added Ms Smith. The fire began at the house in March, Cambridgeshire, while she was out when a heat lamp fell over into his cage setting wood chippings alight.

I’d like to see the pretty-boy bunny rabbit with fluffy ears and plush fur who taunts me from the back yard try that. No, really,

If he does, I’ll have the catchup ready.


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