Perfect Pet – Perfectly Wrong

Eh What's Up Meowoof?I’m not quite sure what to think about today’s story.

Well, yes I do. I think the folks in the UK have a screw loose, that all the rain falling on their heads has turned their brains to mush and that the pints of warm beer aren’t damaging their livers nearly as much as their sensibilities.

How else to explain what they perceive as the perfect pet.  Are you ready to hear it?

Turns out it’s a  combination dog, cat, horse, rabbit thingy. Yeah. Look at that picture. Hideous! I’d die if I had to go out in public with a horse tail, or worse, a cat face!

Here’s the story from The Telegraph describing how this all came about.

With the ears of a rabbit, face of a cat, body of a golden retriever and tail of a horse, scientist said the image depicts the country’s ideal animal companion.

The computer-generated picture was created after a survey of 2,000 British pet lovers revealed the nation’s perfect animal was supposedly 49 per cent dog, 35 per cent cat, 9 per cent horse and 7 per cent rabbit.

The animal, called ”Max” by the researchers, has high energy levels, loves daily walks and sleeps for an average of nine hours, 27 minutes a day.

Pete Markey, who helped conduct the research for insurance firm More Than, said: ”This experiment has provided great insight into exactly what it is about their animals people love, both in terms of looks and personality, and it goes to show what a pet-obsessed nation we are.”

This is what happens when you have too many chefs in the kitchen. It reminds me of the saying, “None of us is as stupid as all of us.”


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