Fish Fails to Fly Like an Eagle

Eagle without wings - no wonder it dropped the fishHow do you know it’s not going to be your day?

Is it when the kibble in your breakfast bowl isn’t covered with Savory Sauce? Or is it when you go for your morning walk and you’re the one that steps in George the Labradoodle’s poo instead of your owner? Or maybe it’s when you go to fart on the bed and a poop comes out?

Any of these situations may qualify as predictors of a day filled with disappointment, but I think I found one sure fire way to tell if the day is truly going to suck.

The Port Clinton News Herald exposes this surefire, Miss Cleo like, way to tell.

DANBURY TOWNSHIP — A woman driving near East Harbor State Park got a surprise when the windshield of her Toyota Matrix was smashed — by a fish.

Leighann Niles, 35, of South Euclid, was driving south on North Buck Road at 11:17 a.m., when a bald eagle flying overhead dropped a fish on her windshield, Danbury Township Detective Sergeant Mark Meisler.

“It was approximately 8 pounds,” he said.

The raptor also dropped the head of a second fish, Meisler said. Neither Niles, who was traveling about 40 mph at the time, nor her 5-year-old daughter were injured, he said.

I suspect the eagle’s bowl of worms that morning wasn’t covered in Savory Sauce.


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