Monkey Arrested for Spreading Love

That's a big monkey!I love The Monkees.

Many a morning I’ve woken up and howled the familiar lyrics:
“Hey, hey I’m a Monkey.
I’m always Monkeying around.
But I’m too busy howling,
To put that piece of bacon down.”

And I know, at some point in your life you’ve howled along to that song too. It’s no use denying it, the BoMonster knows all.

But how many of you have actually taken it a step further and donned a monkey suit? A quick search of google finds some surprisingly good costumes. Take a look at this one, this one, and finally this one?

Well, it turns out humans like dressing up as primates too. Check out this story from the land down under as scribed by Perth Now online edition.

BRENTON Green was monkeying around when he donned a costume to entertain city shoppers, but the stunt backfired when he was arrested and tossed in the lock-up.

Dressed as a monkey, Mr Green, 21, attracted the attention of two police officers on bicycles as he paraded among Perth shoppers on Sunday afternoon, hugging people, posing for photos, waving and dancing.

When the officers interrupted his show in front of about 40 onlookers and asked for his name, he responded by shaking his head and making strange sounds.

The second time police asked for his name, Mr Green replied: “Monkey”. The officers responded by pushing him against a shop window and handcuffing him in front the stunned audience.

Mr Green said the idea of Monkey’s Day Out had been spawned from the Free Hugs campaign phenomenon – the story of Sydney man Juan Mann, who has led a mission to hug strangers to brighten up their lives.

Police said Mr Green failed to give them his name by “continually shaking his head and making squeaking noises”.

Mr Green was taken to the East Perth police lock-up and was charged with failing to comply with a police request. He was bailed, with the condition not to return to the city.

But as he walked to the train station, the same arresting officer, re-arrested Mr Green, claiming he had breached the conditions of his bail. He spent Sunday night in the East Perth lock-up.

“There was absolutely nobody that had a problem with him. Everybody got a kick out of it. It was just a feel-good thing to create a bit of love, but the police put a stop to that. ”

He was released with a spent conviction, a three-month community release order and ordered to pay $60 in court costs.

I have to give credit to Mr. Green for never going out of character when questioned by the police.  I apply the same tactic when questioned about the wet spot on the carpet.

Here’s the video of the arrest.


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