Fierce Cows Trap Man in River

September 17 | 2 Comments

Boo!A dog went to his psychiatrist and said, “What’s wrong with me? Tell me, why am I afraid of Santa?”

The psychiatrist said, “It’s simple, you are Claustrofobic.”

Hahaha…I just heard that joke at the local fire hydrant and thought I’d pass it along to all you pups out there. The beauty is, you can even till this joke in mixed company. You know, when humans are around.

Anyway, did you know that 98% of the things a dog fears never comes to pass? That’s according to a study by Psycho students at Bates University. They say if the 2% actually comes to pass, then that’s bad news for you. Typically this means you’ll never be allowed up on the bed, given any treats or be allowed lick your privates in public ever again.

If you’re a worrier don’t get too upset because you’re not alone. Humans are a bunch of fraidy cats too. Why check out the ridiculous fear a man from the UK is afflicted with. The Metro UK has the details.

A man who was menaced by a herd of cows while walking his dog had to take refuge by jumping into the River Thames and staying there for over an hour.

The man was walking along the towpath near Radcot in Oxfordshire on Tuesday evening when the cows began chasing him. In order to avoid their attentions, he jumped into the river.

He stayed there for twenty minutes before phoning the police.

He was advised to walk slowly and sternly out of the river, waving his arms around and ideally holding a big stick.

He eventually managed to free himself from his watery prison, disperse the cows, and was able to meet police at a nearby hotel where they had been waiting for him.

That’s a great police force they have there. I’ll be sure to keep a nose out for an opening in the K-9 unit.


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  2. Dentist Brandon on October 5th, 2009 1:53 am

    Nice humor post. love the picture! is that really a cow or a dracula? haha! thanks for sharing!

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