Swan Crash Lands on Highway

September 22 | Hmmm...No Comments Yet

What a quack!Damn, it’s wet here in Georgia.  So wet that I’ve had difficulty getting online and posting my story of the day.

For those of you worried about me, you have a right to be. I got shutout of my weekend walks this past Sat and Sun because my parents were afraid they’d melt in the rain. Then yesterday my lunchtime walk was cut out too, but at least an attempt was made to get me out. We took the family truckster to our nature trail only to find out that my favorite hiking trail was under water, along with the tennis courts and swimming pool.

A positive aspect to all this was that my decaying turds were all washed away in the currents of our normally dormant stream towards our neighbors to the south. Your welcome.

Fortunately no help was needed in our immediate area. If it was, I would want assistance from the likes of the firefighters in today’s story. BBC News has the details.

Firefighters stepped in to rescue a stricken swan when it crash-landed in front of their fire engine.

The crew was returning to its base in Chelmsford, Essex, when the bird “belly flopped” on to the road bringing rush hour traffic to a stand still.

Going to the aid of the dazed animal, the firefighters wrapped it in a tunic, to prevent it from lashing out, and took it to the fire station.

An RSPCA officer later took the animal to a swan sanctuary in Maldon.

Sub officer Rob Sherwin said the crew were in Rainsford Lane, on routine duties, when they saw the swan flying very low towards the road.

“The bedraggled-looking bird just belly flopped on to the road right in front of us. The crew stopped the traffic and went out to help the bird,” he said.

Once back at base the firefighters looked after the stricken bird for about an hour before an RSPCA officer arrived to take it to the swan sanctuary.

That bird sounds like it could get a gig flying for Air France.


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