Pit Bull Burglarizes Home

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Burglar on the right with one of his hostagesLet’s face it folks, we’re all criminals.

In this day and age where everything from rabies shots to dog park access to where you can poop is legislated by unscrupulous humans it’s hard not to fall on the wrong side of the law at least a few times.

For instance, yesterday I was caught waddling along at 1 mph in the left lane of our local walking park. Regulations say this lane is reserved for those cruising by at least twice that pace.

Sure I was breaking the law but shouldn’t there be one for the inappropriateness of others barking, “Move over Q-tip” at you?

Then there was the time I peed on a neighbor’s mailbox, and some of their newly planted pansies. It was an appropriate response to a Maltese’s scathing message to the pups in the neighborhood. Well, the next thing you know, the owner comes flying out of the house like I was in the process of stealing her last pig’s ear. Did I break the law? Technically yes, but this woman didn’t realize the life giving goodness of my home made lemonade. Today, those pansies stand 5 foot high.

I guess breaking simple laws like the one above are nothing compared to real crime like the one perpetrated by a pit bull in Houston. KHOU 11 has the story.

HOUSTON—Rosie Sanchez rushed home Wednesday morning when a neighbor called to say her home was being burglarized.

She made it home in time to see the suspect was a real animal who was being led away on a leash.

Neighbors near the intersection of Antoine Drive and West Gulf Bank have been complaining for several days about a pit bull roaming from house to house.

Wednesday morning, Diana Session noticed the same pit bull clawing at the front window of Rosie Sanchez’s home. Sanchez was away at work and her Chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier were inside the home alone.

Session was shocked when she looked at the house again a few minutes later. This time the pit bull was on the other side of the window. It was inside the house.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ I couldn’t believe that dog was in there,” Session said.

The dog had pushed open the back door of the Sanchez home and wandered inside. He was inside playing with the smaller dogs for at least an hour, according to the neighbor.

Diana Session, an amateur photographer, took several photos of the “burglary.” She found it remarkable that the smaller dogs were OK.

Rosie Sanchez returned home in time to see the “suspect” taken into custody. She’s still cleaning up the evidence of his visit.

“It’s just a mess,” she said as she gave us a tour of the damaged furniture, scattered trash and dog food. The dog also overturned stereo and gaming equipment and left a puddle of urine underneath her dining room table.

“I mean, you can just see the dog just tore through so much. It’s very amazing to me that he got in. It really is,” Sanchez said.

Houston’s Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care confirmed to 11 News it does have custody of the pit bull burglar and is searching for its owner. If no owner is found, it would likely be put up for adoption even with its unusual criminal record.

Just another case of dog on dog crime. Can’t we just focus on cats first?

There’s a video of the crime story at this link.

Photo courtesy of Diana Session


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