Judge Gets Himself a Six Pack

October 19 | 1 Comment

Judge is the one on the rightYou ever notice how many dog heroes are out there?

There’s Lassie saving everyone in the midwest from dying in wells, and Hooch handcuffing every perp in his small city, and of course me saving my parents from a life more ordinary.

There are so many pups doing good things I could fill up the entire internet citing them all. But why tell you something you already know.

So that got me to thinking about cat heroes and whether there are any.

There’s Garfield, a dimwitted overweight cat hell bent on capturing more food, however that’s about as heroic as Sallie Struthers rolling a bum for Burger King money. Of course there’s Sylvester P. Pussycat but the only thing he ever saved was his appetite for a defenseless bird. And then you have Catwoman, but the only one I know who thinks she is a hero is the Penguin. And let’s face it, penguins aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack (have you ever seen March of Penguins?).

Normally I’d now reference a story about how a cat has miraculously saved someone or something, but unfortunately there’s nothing to cite. So, instead, I’ll let you read about yet another heroic dog licking the streets of society free of criminals. The Winnipeg Free Press has the full story.

WINNIPEG – It was a once-in-a-career night for a member of the Winnipeg police force — six arrests in four separate incidents during one overnight shift.

Shortly before midnight on Sept. 26, Const. Scott Taylor and police dog Judge, who have worked together since 2004, tracked down and arrested two suspects in a strong-arm robbery in the North End, and recovered the victim’s property.

The pair then tracked down a suspect in a domestic assault.

Later that night, suspects abandoned a stolen vehicle in The Maples and fled on foot, only to be collared by Tayor and Judge.

Finally, at 6 a.m. on Sept. 27, a man suspected of beating up another man who suffered serious injuries. The suspect took off, but Judge and Taylor found him in a nearby yard and made the arrest.

No word on whether Osama Bin Laden’s cat was caught.


One Response to “Judge Gets Himself a Six Pack”

  1. Erica on November 5th, 2009 9:41 am

    I wondered the same thing, so I did a  little searching, and actually found several stories of cat heroism. One of a cat named Scarlett who saved her kittens from a burning building, a cat who warned its owner about carbon monoxide, and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul even tells of a cat that fought off a burgler.

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