Cow’s Head Stuck in Washing Moochine

October 22 | 1 Comment

Somebody Turn On the LightsLast night I managed to pry the pantry door in the kitchen open to get at some food. On the floor, within snout’s reach, was a bag of cat kibble. Not one to waste an opportunity I partook in the magically delicious taste of crunchy tuna by burying my head deep into the bag. As footsteps approached and the sound of, “BO!!” hit my eardrums, I pulled my head out of the bag.

I was lucky, sometimes it’s not so easy to get out of a situation, as this cow can tell you.

A curious cow got more than she bargained for after investigating an object which had mysteriously arrived in her field.

When the heifer tried to get a closer look, she got her head stuck in a dumped washing machine drum.

Maybe she was looking for that last sock that always seems to disappear in the washing machine.

“It is one of the more unusual things we have had to rescue an animal from,” RSPCA spokeswoman Jo Barr said.

“Young cows are quite curious, and she probably thought there was some food inside the drum.”

Of course the cow may not have been hungry at all and just checking to see if her “skinny jeans” were clean.


One Response to “Cow’s Head Stuck in Washing Moochine”

  1. Mari on October 23rd, 2009 10:00 pm

    I’m concerned abt the animal. Was she helped?
    Please publish the result.

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