Watch Your Step-High Wire Dog

October 29 | 1 Comment

Watch your stepWe’ve been known to jump through hoops for acceptance, but there are some of us who’ll go just a bit further. Take this Mastiff for instance.

A Chinese dog has performed a breathtaking high wire stunt in front of thousands of spectators. The two-year-old Tibetan mastiff called Hu Hu (Tiger) performed the stunt at a special event to showcase dog tricks in Chongqing city.

I find it hard to believe that any dog named Tiger can pull off anything other than being a mediocre canine actor in a mid 70′s television show. So my expectations were kinda low until I saw the picture.

They watched as he climbed to the top of a four metre platform and balanced along two thin steel wires. Spectators held their breath and occasionally called out “slow down, slow down” to Hu Hu. He paused occasionally before completing the 10 metre walk to the other end.

Whoa, a tight rope walking dog? Now that is a pretty good trick. Sure it doesn’t compare with my trapeze act, without a net I might add, but it certainly comes close.

The dog’s owner, Mr. He, says Hu Hu was a gift from a friend. He trained Hu Hu for more than a year to walk across wires, reports Chongqing Business News.

I guess that makes the dog’s real name, Hu Hu He. I’m sure the neigborhood pack has some fun with that.


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