Doogie Goat, MD.

Goat milk, goat cheese and the ever popular goat tee.

Which of these things doesn’t belong, which of these things isn’t the same?

Did you guess the goat tee? Guess again. Goat cheese, ba-a-a-ad choice.

The answer is goat’s milk. If you’re wondering why, then this scientific article is a must read.

Goats can now make medicine in their milk.

Yesterday the Food and Drug Administration approved Atryn, from GTC Biotherapeutics, a medicine to treat a hereditary deficiency of the clot-preventing chemical antithrombin. It will be the first medicine made in transgenic animals to be sold.

Several other companies are working on drugs from designer animals, but if this is a big trend it looks to be a long time coming. Even this small taste of success though, is enough to rile some consumer and animal rights groups, who see an environmental danger or a form of goat abuse.

If Goats can make medicine in their milk, and small humans can make doody in their pants, then what’s to keep me from making medicine in my doody?


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