Chicks, Man

November 9 | 2 Comments

I love chicks.

You know, chicks as in females of the opposite sex.  Don’t get me wrong, I like baby chickens too. Especially with hot sauce.

Anyway, we all know that if you want to rough house it, you hang loose with a guy. If you want love and cuddling, your odds go up by having a female by your side.

This is nothing new. In fact it’s one of the unbreakable laws of the universe. Just like e=mc², so does female = unconditional love.

I know this, my sister Copper knows this, and a dog named Fox surely knows this. Check out his story.

After tumbling from a cliff path on to a small beach, pet dog Fox was unhurt but trapped.

However, he was none too friendly to the coastguards winched down 80ft to rescue him  -  barking, growling and backing away.

Then, his owner Jane Ravine explained why  -  the collie-huskie cross has a phobia of men.

Her 13-year-old pet, named after his love of chasing foxes, fears and has a ‘loathing hatred’ of males.

Funny, my father told me the same sentiment was expressed by a few dogs he met in college.

Fox, who had already spent one night stuck on the Cornish beach, had to wait a second night while a female rescuer was summoned.

Marige Zwager, 31, abseiled down and coaxed him over with dog biscuits.

Fox then jumped into her arms and licked her face before allowing her to put him in a safety bag.

If you’re in China and you’re put in a ‘Safety Bag’ it means your going home as leftovers.

Miss Zwager, a Dutch- born member of the RSPCA’s cliff rescue team, said: ‘I abseiled down with a colleague and took some dog biscuits to coax him to me. He was cold, scared and hungry but my female charms worked.

Like I said, it’s one of the laws of the universe. Nothing works as well as female charm. Nothing.


2 Responses to “Chicks, Man”

  1. Schnooks on May 2nd, 2009 1:15 am

    Did she say “biscuit”? That would have gotten my furry little butt out of there!

  2. Jenny Marie on November 9th, 2009 2:03 pm

    I would say the love of cookies and females saved this poor baby

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