Hole in One for Dog

This hole has a dog attachedI’ve received lots of email from readers that claim I’m too pro-dog, anti-cat biased.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As evidence take my sister Mothball (please). Yes she of the feline variety, is a key member of the BoKnowsOnline leadership cabinet. She’s responsible for editing all cat related stories. In fact, she designed the cat-carrier for kittens.

In fact, she picked out today’s story, and it does nothing to make canines look good. It’s about Daisy, a hole in the wall and a rescue effort.

The Evening Star has the details.

FIREFIGHTERS had to rescue Daisy the dog when the dozy hound got her head stuck in a vent.

Black and white Staffordshire terrier Daisy poked her head into a round hole which is used as a tumble dryer vent, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service said.

A fire crew from St Neots had to remove some bricks from the outside of the property and then “gently” chiselled away at the area of wall surrounding the dog’s head to free her, an operation which talk [sic] 30 minutes.

Daisy was unharmed, apart from a couple of scratches to her face which she got trying to free herself.

Kevin Napier, watch manager at St Neots fire station, said: “She even gave us all lots of licks to say thank you.

“She has now been checked over by a vet and given a clean bill of health.”

Asked if she was embarrassed by the situation, Daisy said, “It could have been worse. I could be a cat.”


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