Funny! Funny!! FUNNY!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Funny! Funny!! FUNNY!!!, October 27, 2009
ByJerry (Savannah, Ga)

First off, I’m a dog lover. Always have been, always will be. That’s why I read every dog book that comes out. I just can’t help it.

I stumbled on this book while perusing the Amazon dog section and was quickly enticed by the premise of a dog writing his own memoir. After reading a few pages online I just had to get it.

The story follows Bo, a somewhat sarcastic chow/retriever mix, and his two parents over the span of fifteen years. It recounts all of their misadventures, which is standard fare in this genre (although there’s some doosies in this one!), but what sets this book apart is that the stories are from the dog’s point of view. We get to see/feel what Bo is thinking, and that makes this book special.

I don’t think I’m spoiling the ending by saying, unlike most dog books, our canine hero doesn’t die in the end. So you get to keep that $2.00 for a box of tissues in your bank account, and the emotional capital that goes along with it.

While reading this, I found myself startling my dogs from their afternoon naps with my fits of laughter. It really is funny, entertaining and heartwarming.

Go get it now!


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