Loving Waste Management

Love, it’s a wonderful thing. Whether it’s the love of a brother or sister, the love of the lusty kind or the love of food…particularly garbage.

If pressed, I’d have to say that I heart garbage the most. I like the fact you never know what you’re going to get, that it fills my belly and most importantly, that it irritates my mother. That’s a three-for that I can’t turn down.

Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way. Check out this story of a Florida alligator with a penchant for garbage…or rather, the carriers of garbage.

Sarasota, Florida- Animal caretakers at Jungle Gardens say one of their female alligators has fallen for a most unlikely match.

“Attitude”, as she’s known at the family attraction, is a 25-30 year-old American alligator who has been in captivity at the park for 10 years.

Recently, caretakers noticed unusual behavior coming from Attitude each time city garbage trucks would show up to pick up trash.

Experts at Jungle Gardens believe Attitude may be mistaking the garbage truck’s low rumble for a male alligator’s mating call.

“The reverberations, coupled with the sounds of the giant metal hydraulic arms dumping the bin, ignite passion and love in the reptile,” says Jungle Gardens Marketing and Groups director Chris Costanzo.

“We’re not quite sure if she is in love with the garbage truck or if she’s trying to tell it to get out of her territory,” Harder says.

Jungle Gardens opened in 1940 and is one of the oldest continually operated attractions in Florida.

First, Attitude needs to get out more. I recommend a cruise in the city’s sewer system. Travelocity has some great deals going on that right now…and B.) with a few minor changes, Jungle Gardens may just have stumbled upon a must see attraction that even I’d pay to see.


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