Bo’s Literary Agent Contract

November 24 | 1 Comment

signedcontract1080Most authors know an important step in getting the treat that is a book deal is to get signed by a literary agent.

I was fortunate to have found the one agent in the industry with an open mind, open enough to sign a dog to a contract. I don’t know what was in Barbara Poelle’s water bowl, but I’d like to get me some of it too. Regardless, she or even Irene Goodman herself, can put me on a leash and walk me anytime.

For those chasing the dream, know that it’s hard work but with faith, and a never say die attitude, it can happen. Of course you could just roll over and play dead but that won’t get you in print, although the belly rub feels almost as nice.

To inspire you I’ve attached the ‘Money’ page of my contract with Barbara.

My father says I write like a veterinarian so I hope you can make out my signature. Personally I think BP’s signature is messier than mine, but that’s probably because she has so many contracts to sign.


One Response to “Bo’s Literary Agent Contract”

  1. Sherri on November 28th, 2009 7:21 pm

    Very cute, I can’t wait to read the book!  I’m hoping to get a copy for Christmas!  My dog Poana wants to read it too, she’s a big fan of Bo’s.

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