Appetite for Destruction-20 Odd Items Eaten by Pets

December 4 | 2 Comments

I love hot dogs, hamburgers and anything covered in peanut butter. Well, almost anything covered in peanut butter.

I wouldn’t, for example, eat a wig covered in the creamy stuff, if only because it would take forever to get the hair out of my mouth. I also wouldn’t chow down on a tent peg or a fishing hook. But that’s just me.

Apparently, some of my compatriots have different tastes. Just take a look at this list compiled by PDSA PetAid hospitals.

Underwear, a kitchen knife and a wig have made a list of the top 10 weirdest items removed from the stomachs of the nation’s pets by an animal charity’s vets.

The list, released by PDSA, also includes a 10-inch tent peg, a bell, a fishing hook and a rubber duck.

PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, Sean Wensley, said: ‘There is a medical term for pets eating strange objects – pica.

‘Dogs, especially puppies and younger dogs, use their mouth to investigate objects as well as to eat. Sometimes a dog will swallow an object by mistake, even though it had only meant to investigate it.

Sounds like these dogs should be teamed up with Maxwell Smart. Here’s the list of the top twenty items:

1. Ten-inch tent peg
2. Christmas decoration (star shaped)
3. Kitchen knife
4. Alphabet fridge magnets
5. Man’s wig
6. Ann Summers underwear
7. Bell
8. Fishing hook
9. Socks
10. Rubber duck
11. Baby’s dummy
12. Golf balls
13. Coins
14. Balloons
15. Metal ball from a computer mouse
16. Shoe laces
17. Power ball
18. Corn on the cob
19. Needle and thread
20. Box of chocolates

Can I just comment on a few of the items above? I can? Thank you.

#4 – Alphabet fridge magnets-makes me wonder what the hungry pooch would have spelled when the letters came out the poop shoot. Maybe it would have been something like, “Help Me! I’m being held hostage by two psychopathic owners.”

Of course a phrase like that would require a healthy prostate to double as a spell checker.

#6 – Ann Summers’ underwear – I don’t know who Ann Summers is, but if her underwear is all the way at number six on the list, she must be a regular dumper in her drawers.

#11 – Baby’s dummy – My guess is this is the same as a canine’s dummy. If so, quite impressive to be able to swallow an owner whole, altough I would surmise it takes some of the bitterness out of the treat.

#17 – Powerball – Hmmm, I wish they’d tell us what numbers they found. That way I could take them out of my lottery number rotation and increase my chance of winning.

After reading this list, I think I’ll just stick to the basics.


2 Responses to “Appetite for Destruction-20 Odd Items Eaten by Pets”

  1. Animals Away on January 2nd, 2009 10:50 am

    This is a funny list, seriously who is Ann Summers?

  2. Brenda on December 7th, 2009 3:49 pm

    Who is Ann Summers? While dog sitting the infamous Scotty (at least infamous in our family), a bag of rubberbands was devoured. Upon returning home and happily performing his duty, his parents were horrified in seeing hundreds (literally hundreds) of worms in his poop! Luckily, our scotty was ok and we all had a good laugh. Hey Bo, did you ever freak out your parents or sitters?

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