Red Pandas Saved by White Dog

December 17 | 1 Comment

Their father was panda I met at a barI don’t mean to sound uppity, but dogs make everyone’s lives better.

Seriously, think about what the world would look like if canines weren’t around?

I surmise it would look like the world Mad Max thrived in; dusty, desolate and filled with savage acts of brutality. Before I get deluged with e-mails let me state that I know Max had a dog, but one that had mutated from man-made nuclear exposure. Not like the dogs you know and love today. I would like to point out that cats weren’t tough enough to make it through the apocalypse.

But let’s get back to the pre-apocalypse days of today. Dogs clean dishes, walk their owners and even take out the garbage. We’re here to help.

For another example look no further than a special dog in China who helped others less fortunate than her. Sky News has the story.

Two abandoned red panda cubs are thriving at a northern China zoo thanks to the milk and loving care of a surrogate mother dog.

The cubs, born on 25 June, were ignored by their mother after it gave birth in front of a crowd at Taiyuan Zoo in China’s Shanxi province, according to the zoo.”No one knew she was pregnant,” employee Ha Guojiang told the official Xinhua News Agency.

“Her plump body and bushy hair disguised her protruding belly until the babies were born.

“We hurriedly went about to find a wet nurse for them.”

The dog wet nurse, belonging to a farmer from a nearby suburb, was selected from two other candidates that had recently given birth.

The canine is now raising the two cubs like its own offspring, Ha added.

No word if she will get alimony payments.


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  1. Boston Terrier Lover on July 28th, 2009 1:35 pm

    I am not sure that I would go as far as the post-apocalyptic future Mad Max showed us, but I agree that things would be a lot less pleasant.

    This is a really interesting article by the way, thanks for sharing! I really enjoy the stops at the Red Panda habitat when at the zoo.

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