This Really Gets My Goat

January 8 | 1 Comment

Peace Out!My father and I were out driving around last week when we came upon a strange sight.

By the side of the road, a green statue with a large headpiece waved at us. It was lady liberty, she was alive  and much smaller than I expected her to be.  A few blocks up the road and there was Uncle Sam urging us to beep our horn. Not a mile later Raggedy Ann was waving us into the local furniture store’s parking lot.

What is this phenomenon that is going on?

I understand the guys holding the signs for the $5 pizzas, and even the cow telling me to Eat Mor Chikin but what’s the real deal with those other outfits?  Surely there’s  a money motive at play here.

So I decided to investigate. It wasn’t long before I received a cease and desist order from none other than a goat, specifically Darren, the waving goat!

Here’s his story as chronicled by The Metro.

A goat has become a star on the internet after learning to wave to people. Darren the goat stands on his hind legs and gives his special greeting from his pen.

The billy goat spent months mastering his trick after a group of youngsters who visited his enclosure first waved at him as they left.

His antics are a huge favourite among children who visit White Post Farm in Farnsfield, near Nottingham.

Darren’s fame has now gone beyond the farm after staff posted a clip of his party piece on video sharing website YouTube.

To top it off, his influence is even rubbing off on fellow animals.

‘All the other goats have worked out it gets him extra attention and food, so now they’ve started trying to copy him. He loves it,’ said White Post marketing manager Anthony Moore.

Not to sound jealous or anything, but I should be the internet star! After all, it was me that perfected the BoPaw reach, not some dumb goat.  It’s just not fair. I have to try to drive traffic to this site by working hard on this writing thing between every nap I take. But the goat? No, he just has to stand there and wave at some dumb humans and he gets better ratings than Oprah.

Oh well…here’s Darren in action.


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  1. Odysseus on January 8th, 2010 8:30 pm

    Credit is hardly given when it is due Bo.  Sorry Buddy!  You deserve better

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