Fat Cat is Really a Fat Pig

January 11 | 3 Comments

What a fat pig!Rigitoni? Linguine? Fettuccine?

No thanks. If I’m going to partake in the heaven known as pasta, I’m going to select one that says something about me. That’s right, when dining on Italian cuisine, I opt for pasta number 9…better known as Angel Hair pasta.

Let’s be honest, not only do I have an angelic disposition, but my long strands of fur are to die for!

I like my dish with a little clam, hamster or squirrel sauce on top. Over all these years, the only thing that’s changed is rather than having it cooked al dante I now prefer my pasta cooked to a gooey mush. Simple reason, really. Much like Michael Scott, I’ve developed soft teeth.

But no matter how much I enjoy eating pasta, the best come out of styrofoam containers, my parents don’t like giving me too much. I just wish I had parents like Humphrey the cat. The Metro UK will tell you why.

Humphrey is a real-life Garfield, who will only eat lasagne. The picky cat’s love affair with the pasta dish began after sneaking a bite of his owner’s leftovers.

‘For a week he wouldn’t eat anything I gave him. But a few days later I cooked some more lasagne and he came running,’ said 30-year-old Sophia Atrill, from north London.

She has now entered the stubborn seven-year-old for the Boomerang TV Pet Personality Awards.

‘I have no children – he is my baby and if it’s lasagne that he wants then it’s lasagne he will get,’ she said.

Hmm, maybe I should hold out for some of my mother’s leftovers. But then again why would I restrict my diet to Ramen Pride Noodles?


3 Responses to “Fat Cat is Really a Fat Pig”

  1. Dentist in Long Beach on September 16th, 2009 2:54 am

    Love the photo! what a nice cat! she looked so healthy! Pastas taste really good, no wonder why cats love ‘em too..=)

  2. Odysseus on January 12th, 2010 5:58 pm

    Hmmmm… I don’t think mum will ever give me pasta or her Ramen.  That is one lucky cat! Of course mom says “Blah blah blah sensitive tummy. Blah blah blah you’d regret it later.”  However isn’t that my choice??

  3. Laura on September 17th, 2012 3:24 pm

    What a funny photo.  I really enjoy your site.  I’ve been hooked on searching out funny cat videos as well.  I’ve found quite a few this way for anyone else that enjoys them as much as I do

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