Ape Gun Control

Monkey See, Monkey ShootWhere on this great earth of ours could King Kong’s descendant survive an attack from an army of zoo workers carrying guns and tranquilizing darts? If you said Skull Island you’re right, but you’re also living in a fantasy world.

Those living in the real world know the only logical place would be Japan, and sure enough, that’s where the latest ape-human drama played out.

Ichiro the chimp, a 42-year-old resident of Ishikawa Zoo in Japan, managed to escape to the roof in order to cool down during a heatwave.

But it took a lot of work from the zoo staff to get him back. One worker was disarmed of his tranquiliser gun and the chimp withstood two direct hits from other workers.

Everyone knows a gun is no match for a great ape and the Japanese should be well aware of this. After all, wasn’t it King Kong that beat Godzilla in the “Shocka in Osaka” back in the 60′s?  If guns didn’t work on Godzilla, they surely aren’t going to work on a chimp. So it surprises me that these zoo workers tried to shoot Baby Kong with a gun.

It reminds me of the old adage, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  If history was to be our lesson here, then the only way to have gotten the ape down from the roof of that building was to fly a plane into him…

It wasn’t until someone hit on the old ape trick of offering a banana that he gingerly climbed back down.

…or if you like your stories with anti-climatic endings…give him a banana.

Here’s the video…no, not King Kong (that would be video piracy), but of the drama of the story unfolding.


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