Bloodhound of a Different Kind

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When I first heard the term I didn’t know what to think. On the one paw it sounds really good. I mean what’s not to like about a bloody steak, a bloody snot rag in the garbage, or my father, a bloody fool.

On the other paw, massive amounts of blood makes me woozy. Yeah I know I’m a dog and I’m supposed to be  tough, but I gotta tell ya if  I had to hunt and kill my own food, I’d become a vegan. Blueberries rarely make a blood curdling scream.

Then there’s all the rage these days about vampires. Is bloodhound another way of saying vampire dog? It used to be when I heard Twilight, I only thought about the Zone I lived in. Nowadays Twilight is the time of day I have to look over my shoulder when I go pee pee. Speaking of which, where did I put that garlic?

The reason I’m hung up on all this is due to a  story from Cairns about a true bloodhound. Read on.

A PUREBRED six-week-old pup owes her life to a blood transfusion from a gentle greyhound more than 15 times her size.

Cairns resident Sami Knoblock had a tearful reunion with her English Staffordshire terrier yesterday after their scary ordeal.

Ms Knoblock said her dog, Buddy, was vomiting and could hardly lift her 1.6kg body to stand on Tuesday night.

She rushed her sick dog to Brinsmead Veterinary Surgery where Greencross principal surgeon Max Fargher found a hookworm infestation that had caused a massive haemorrhage.

With Buddy at death’s door, Dr Fargher raced home to get his trusty pooch Hurley, a male, six-year-old 34kg greyhound.

Dr Fargher then performed a transfusion by transferring a “drop” of Hurley’s blood – 120ml – to Buddy.

He said a young dog’s first blood transfusion could be from any donor dog, but if it needed a second, it would have been a far trickier situation.

“I wasn’t 100 per cent confident it was going to work – Buddy only has 120ml (of blood in her system) and the transfusion simply replaced it,” he said.

“We needed to be quick – she only had three-quarters of an hour.”Once it (the hookworm) gets into the guts … it just bleeds the dog dry,” he said.

I guess dogs aren’t much different than a hookworm. We look to get inside our owners guts, more specifically their hearts. Once there, we’ll bleed them dry of all treats and love.

Mother nature…she’s a beautiful thing


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