Elephant Objects to Marriage

I’m not a fan of formal ceremonies, mostly because I’m never invited.

Informal get togethers are another matter entirely. Typically they’re held in the back yard of one my parents’ friends houses, with all matter of species invited. Well, dogs mostly and the occasional cat.

For the most part we’re all relatively well behaved. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we eat our hamburgers and hot dogs with knives and forks, but rather we don’t eat the little kids out in the open.

Relax. I’m talking about Sour Patch Kids. My dentist highly recommends them. For what it’s worth, the yellow ones make me scrunch my face.

Since I’m always well behaved, especially in social situations, I wondered why I never got to go one of those formal affairs. Today’s story gives a hint as to why. Thaindian News has the complete tale.

A male elephant, kept on display at the marriage reception of the children of two Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MPs, ran amok, attacking and damaging 20 cars, a truck and a police jeep before it was brought under control, police said Thursday.

According to police, three elephants were on a display at the wedding reception.

Around 10.30 p.m, the male elephant turned violent and started attacking the parked cars of the guests, before moving towards the lawn where the guests were. But then it changed track to another side where a welcome gate was erected. It destroyed the gate and moved towards the parking lot where it flipped over about 20 cars.

As a truck passed on the road, the elephant ran towards it and hit it, toppling it into a road side ditch. The elephant then moved towards a police jeep and rammed it from the front, while the driver and the other policemen narrowly escaped being seriously injured or beign trampled upon by the tusker.

When police realised that the elephant was out of control, they informed forest officials.

Typical. There’s always one guest who has to make an ass out of himself. His family will never forget this.


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