Squirrels Live on Coconut Grove

Copyright 2008 News Group Newspapers LtdI’ve got a lovely pair of coconuts. Or should I say, I used to. Speaking of coconuts, let’s talk fruits and the best kind. Personally I like apples. My old man hand feeds me nicely sliced wedges. Apple cores need not apply. I think my father likes the way I chew them because he laughs while I eat. I just wish he’d let me dunk it in the caramel dip once in a while. Watermelon. I love watermelon. I get my supply of the watery goodness in the summer when it’s abundant, and cheap. It’s delivered rindless, cubed and seedless. That last part is important because my mother hates cleaning up the seeds I’ve spit out on the living room floor. She’s always careful about reading the label on melons. My father likes checking out melons too, but that’s an entirely different story. Finally, grapes. I love grapes. In fact I just had a hung bunch of ‘em. Why just the…whoa… I’m not feeling…well…right…now. *Crash* I’ve fallen and I can’t get up . . . . . . Just kidding folks. I wanted to give everyone a quick reminder that grapes are deadly to dogs. Don’t feed them to us, regardless of how cute we look and how much we beg. But back to coconuts. Today we have light hearted story of a wacky human and two squirrels playing the game. The Sun has the full story


THESE two squirrels go to infinity and beyond to prove they are nuts about coconuts — diving head-first into the shells for a satisfying snack. The peckish pair look more like starved spacemen tucking into the tropical treats in animal lover Jane Roberts’ back garden in Fareham, Hants. Jane, 46, leaves out two coconuts a week for her furry friends. She suspends them on pieces of string from her washing line and watches the crazy critters digging in. Jane said: “The first time I saw them feeding I nearly died laughing, they looked like a pair of astronauts. “Even now I can’t stop chuckling every time I see them. “I make a large hole in the coconut so they can get to the flesh. They can’t get enough of them. “I worry they might get stuck in there one day, but they are clever little things.”

Coconut marinated squirrel. I can’t wait for dinner.


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