City Squatters Forced Out

bad to the boneThe big apple. New York City.

I drove through it once, with my parents, on the way to Georgia. It had lots of buildings, lots of big squirrels with thin tails and lots of pigeon poop.

Outside of the abundance of fire hydrants, I didn’t get the attraction to the place. But to each his own.

Like a bunch of chickens who’ve been hanging out in the city for the better part of twenty years. Yeah they got small brains, but what’s kept them there? A rooster pimp is all I can come up with.

The Daily News prints it up and points out their tale in today’s edition.

Some plucky Bronx chickens have flown the coop for greener pastures.

With nets and their bare hands, a group of scrappy volunteers captured 35 of the wily wild chickens living in a commercial parking lot in Highbridge, sending them off to a sanctuary upstate.

K&N Parking Lot manager Ramon Lopez and his wife, Carmen, have been caring for the birds – believed to be the city’s largest brood of wild chickens – for more than 20 years. Faced with the expense of an ever-growing group, and threatened with a $500 city fine, Lopez reluctantly accepted help with finding his chicks new homes.

The wild crowd has been a neighborhood favorite, attracting parking lot regulars and young neighbors like 4-year-old Jack Nuciforo to feed them cookies.

Saturday, volunteers with Farm Sanctuary gathered at the lot on Edward L. Grant Highway to help corral the birds.

Many in the feathered flock proved elusive though, darting under parked cars and through fences to escape capture.

“We need a better plan,” panted one volunteer after a futile chase down Cromwell Ave.

Equipped with bird feed, crates and nets, the chicken wranglers fanned out.

After four hours, the volunteers managed to crate about three dozen birds. “It’s between serious strategy and luck,” laughed volunteer Kim Korona.

Rumor has it Korona just does it for the glow.


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