Porky Wants You Off His Back

When pigs make humans flyEver been to a rodeo? OK, probably not.

Have you ever seen a rodeo on TV? You have!

Well, have you ever seen a horse race? Me too!

Is it just me that wonders why one sport has huge humans riding food while the other has one hundred and five pound satin wearing porcelain dolls riding glue?

Why isn’t it the other way around? It certainly would be more entertaining.

Imagine Secretariat with a 220lb behemoth on her back. Suddenly she looks like me at the tail end of a Sunday afternoon trip to the park. Or how about Fantasma launching a jockey clear across the ring? That would be awesome, no?

Leave it up to the Japanese to take all this insight and come up with something truly innovative. Sure their idea won’t launch a pint sized human high into the air by the key ingredient in Hamburger Helper, but they have come up with something unique.

Ill let the provide the details.

Imagine riding on the back of 285 pounds of oinking and squealing flesh for a chance at several hundred dollars. Well that is what 40 men and women did at the 26th annual “Pig Rodeo” on August 13th, 2009. The event is held every year in town of Mikame, which is part of Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture in west Japan.

During the rodeo the pig and riding contestant are released into a small ring, around 30 feet in diameter. The pig then proceeds to shake off the rider, who holds on for dear life, in a matter of seconds. There is a 50,000 yen (about $500 USD) prize for the person who holds on the longest.

Ten pigs were used in this year’s contest; each was around one year old and all were bred in Japan.

The event is part of the Seiyo City Mikame Summer Festival, and is gaining fame each year.

I’d rather eat bacon than ride it. But hey, that’s just me.

Here’s the video of some good pig riding fun.


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