Bovine Emergency

The next ride in an ambulance will be my last.

I know it. My parents know it. And most assuredly my vet, Dr. Spot Kevorkian, knows it.

That’s life, or should I say death. So let me throw out a cliche: death, taxes, and annoying cats are inevitable realities of life. Sometimes life isn’t full of puppies and milkbones.

But hey, I’m not here to bring everybody down, just trying to come up with some segway into today’s story.

It’s about a ride in an ambulance; not for a human, not for a dog but for a bovine. The BBC has the details.

A Pakistani doctor has been suspended for using an ambulance to carry home a cow he had bought at a local market, health authorities say.

The doctor had taken the ambulance from a rural health centre near the eastern city of Gujrat, in Punjab province.

He was intercepted by police while driving home from the cattle market.

A photo in the Sunday edition of Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper showed a large spotted cow tied with a rope to a bar in the back of an ambulance.

Muneer Ahmad, an official at the provincial health department, said he had been “shocked” by the doctor’s behaviour.

He said he had suspended the doctor on the request of the police and ordered an inquiry into the incident.

I can’t imagine having to share a hospital room with the cow. What with the breed’s farting issues and all.


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