Hair Ball Isn’t That Entertaining

Tiny Likes His Horses HairyI hate it when I find a hair in my food. I’ll usually send it back, especially if it isn’t mine.

When I do, I’m pretty sure my parents remove the hair, and then spit on my food before giving it back to me. I can’ t prove it because the batteries are low on my digital camcorder and I’ve misplaced the charger.

I can’t imagine what cats go through, what with them shedding all the time. My feline sister Moose gets constipated all the time. I know it’s the hair.

Now I have further proof, and its on a larger scale than Moose. The Daily Telegraph has the story.

Tiny the lion was just hours from death at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Smarden, near Ashford in Kent when he was taken in for emergency surgery.

The 200kg cat had to be anaesthetised using a dart and blowpipe by a vet in his den before the operation, which involved six vets and eight handlers.

His keeper Mark Edgerley said: “Our lions are fed horse meat which has a certain amount of skin and horse hair in it because it helps the lions with their digestion.”

Part of his mane and tail fur was also found by the surgical team, who spent several hours operating to remove the hairball in his stomach.

After the surgery, Tiny was lifted back into a cage and driven back to his enclosure in a lorry. He came round from the anaesthetic back in his den.

Maralyn said: “It was a life threatening situation for Tiny. He was being sick for a few days before he was assessed and vets decided he needed emergency surgery.

Andrew Porter from the Wildlife Heritage Foundation added: “He is doing brilliantly. Tiny is a picture of health now and is back to his normal self enjoying playing in his enclosure with his brothers. The operation was a major success.”

On the brighter side of things, at least Tiny didn’t have to worry about his handlers spitting on his food.


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