Kung Fu Kitty

I’ve never bitten anyone in my life.

Well, bitten anyone really hard, that is.  I have had a nibble or two of human skin, but almost always in a playful way. The only exception being the one man that tried to kidnap me from my mother’s car when I was three. I never told my parents about the incident so this probably comes as a shock for them to read.

What can I say, when a human sees a talented dog, especially one that can type, they’re apt to want him. So it was left up to me to defend myself. The outcome was never in doubt. Anyway, he tasted like chicken and I never had the occasion to taste him again, the case of burps shortly thereafter not withstanding. Canines are correct in saying things taste better the second time around.

Which leads me to today’s story of an attack cat. That’s right a CAT attack. The Metro has the details.

Tiger, a 19-year-old black-and-white male moggy, has attacked three employees recently, pouncing on them and chasing them down the garden path.

Now Tracey Brayshaw, his owner, has been told by the postal service that her pet is aggressive and she won’t be getting deliveries to her house in Farsley for the next two weeks as a result.

Brayshaw has to pick up her mail from her local sorting office and deems the suspension of her deliveries “a bit silly”.

According to the 43-year-old, her pet is a geriatric who likes lazing in the sun and sleeps for 20 hours a day.

I think this is a cat I can be pals with.


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