A Double Dog Dare for the Today Show

May 3 | 1 Comment

Hey TODAY SHOW, Listen Up!

This is Bo, the best dog typist in the world.

No, I don’t play piano like the cat you recently had on your show. Although the word ‘play’ is being generous to what I witnessed.

No, I didn’t save my family from a fire like Buddy, the German Shepherd, you just interviewed, but I did save them from themselves. Where’s my fifteen minutes of fame for that?

No, I didn’t have cancer, unless you count the time my mother rushed me to the vet because she thought my nipples were generous lumps of carcinoma. Yes, boy dogs have nipples, although that was news to my mother.

No, I wasn’t dumped through a library drop slot like Dewey the cat, but I was dumped at a shelter. Who’s life story sounds like it may be more eventful?

And no, I’m not as big as that freakishly oversized rabbit you just had on, although my ego probably is.

So what do I do to be special?  I write. In fact, I’m a published author and the first dog ever to have his memoir published in the non-fiction genre. Not bad for a writer in a fur suit, eh Today peeps?

The book I pawed is BAD TO THE BONE: Memoir Of A Rebel Doggie Blogger. It is dedicated to rescue and shelter workers who make this world a better place, one animal at a time. I donate 10% of my proceeds to help shelter dogs and cats.  I want to become the ambassador for all shelter dogs. Who better to speak about dog adoption than a rescue dog?  Especially, one who is long on words and wit.

What did Marley do to help homeless dogs? Nothing, he just bought himself a bigger dog house and more Snausages. Me? I want to make a difference and want your help to get the word out about pet adoption.

Ann, Matt, Meredith, Big Al, Hoda, Kathie Lee, is anybody listening?  I’m 107 in people years, I don’t have much time left, Oscar the “death cat” is meowing at my door as I type, which either translates into ‘I want my Meow Mix” or the grim reaper is coming to my doggie bed tonight.

So, TODAY SHOW…what’s a dog got to do to get your attention?!!!

C’mon, put me on the show and let’s help some animals in need! I double dog dare ya!




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