Farm Worms Away

Some things are worth stealing, others not so much.

You have to be strategic in your pilfering. For instance, I would never expend my energy sneaking money out of my mother’s purse or the credit cards from my father’s wallet.

Instead, I’ll take stuff that gives me true enjoyment. In my youth that included teddy bears, shoes and dirty underwear. In my senior years it’s taken the form of kitty snickers, cat food and bottles of Bowser Beer.

Of course, not everyone is as smart as me. Just look at the Kiwi burglars from New Zealand in this Stuff story.

Thieves who squirmed off with a 100-kilogram worm farm from Zealandia’s eco-sanctuary may have been after fertiliser for an illegal crop-growing operation, police say.

The Karori sanctuary said the thieves were “two-legged worms”.

Senior Constable Dave Ross said the farm contained more than 8000 worms, was full of compost and would have taken at least two people to carry away. “I’ve never come across anyone who’s taken a worm farm.”

That many worms was the equivalent of the population of a small town. “It’s like someone walking in and pinching Levin. That’s not to say Levin people are worms.”

The purpose-built worm farm was sited behind an administration block.


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