Cheesy Dog’s Near Death Experience

I’m not ashamed to say it, “We all need help sometimes. Even from our human counterparts.”

It turns out not all owners are clueless like my parents. Yup, some are smart and heroic, and they don’t even have to be named after a man…i.e.  Superman, Batman, Fartman.

Why just the other day I heard of an owner with the wherewithal to give his dog a spoon of peanut butter. What was the emergency? The pup had the munchies.

Very smart, and quite heroic for giving up some precious nut crude.

Just to prove my point, check out the Knutsford Guardian. Today’s story is about the life saving prowess of a vicar in the area.

A MOBBERLEY vicar saved his dog’s life by giving it the kiss of life – in the middle of a Knutsford couple’s wedding rehearsal.

As Toby Wilbraham and Caroline McGoun were having a run through of their wedding vows they were stopped in their tracks by the sight of St Wilfrid’s Reverend Ian Blay’s wife, Suzanne, running down the aisle with a dog in her arms.

Holding Izzy, eight, a Cairn Terrier, she was crying and shouting that she was dead, only for Rev Blay to remove a piece of cheddar cheese that was wedged in her throat and give her mouth to mouth.

Suzanne said the dramatic intervention – that happened on Monday, April 26 – was unbelievable.

“I was unpacking the shopping and gave Izzy a bit of cheese as a little treat ,” she said.

“She started choking, really, really badly and making noises and it was then when she just flopped on the floor.

“I slapped her then panicked and ran out of the house. I was going to run to the farm next door but then I remembered Ian was in the church.

“He removed the cheese and the father of the bride, Mike, then gave chest compressions to Izzy.

“I thought she was dead, it was unbelievable at the time.

“When I first ran into the church everyone just stopped and turned round.

“But when you look back at it, it is quite funny. To think she could have died from a piece of cheese though is terrible.”

That’s why I recommend chewing 32 times before swallowing, unless it’s squirrel head surprise. In that case, just cram the whole thing down your gullet immediately.  Otherwise a human will snatch it away from your jowls.


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