Snoopy Involved in Jail-Break

May 10 | 1 Comment

Let’s face it, being a dog is pretty good gig.

Sure there are those that have it tough, especially the working breeds, but if you live in the suburbs it’s not a bad deal at all.

You get to sleep in your own bed, eat delicious food automatically replenished in your designer bowl, and take humongous dumps on finely manicured lawns. It’s great life!

Dogs know it, cats know it and humans are slowly catching on.

Take for instance a guy in the UK, so enamored with canine hero Snoopy, he impersonates him. The Telegraph has the full story.

Prison wardens were baffled when they were confronted by the character from the Peanuts cartoon trying to break down a staff door while apparently waving a gun.

The man and an accomplice, who were attempting to free a relative from HMP Isle of Wight, went on to hurl concrete missiles at prison officers’ cars.

A prison source told The Sun: “It’s not every day you see a giant cartoon dog go on the rampage after trying to break into a prison. They weren’t exactly inconspicuous but they were taken seriously because they appeared to have a gun.

“They caused a real commotion and it was only later they were found to be armed with a water pistol.”

It emerged after the pair were arrested that they had attempted to break into the wrong prison. They had staged the attempted jail-break at the Isle of Wight’s Albany site, while the relative they were looking for was locked up in the nearby Cramp Hill unit.

The source added: “This has got to rank as one of the worst attempted jail breaks ever.”

A spokesman for Hampshire Police said two men, aged 43 and 21, were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and held under the Mental Health Act after the incident on May 1.

It is not clear which of the two men was dressed as Snoopy.

Hmmm…I wonder if identity theft charges are pending.


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  1. Nicole on May 12th, 2010 6:28 pm

    That’s funny but weird at the same time.

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