Spastic Deer Can’t Swim

It feels like summer time here in the southeast. That means temps in the high 80′s with humidity levels approaching triple digits. The old man likes it, I hate it.

Give me the cool temperatures of a northern fall, or the sweet taste of a snowflake on my tongue any day, but apparently if you aren’t bringing cash into the household, you get no say. (C’mon, buy my book so I can relocate back north!)

Anyway, when it’s hazy, hot and humid the best thing to do is take a little dip in the local lake. I know it, my sister Copper knows it, and now a deer in Pittsburgh knows it.

Here’s the full story from WTAE in Pittsburgh.

PITTSBURGH – A deer took a dip in Pittsburgh’s Highland Reservoir No. 1 in the Highland Park neighborhood on Monday afternoon.

Rescuers sent a boat onto the water and tried to retrieve the animal, which kept frantically swimming away from them. Sky 4 flew over the reservoir and showed the rescue attempt.

“She kept going around in circles, and every time we got close to her, she kind of changed directions on us,” Mike Raba said.

The reservoir is at the head of Highland Avenue. It’s not known how the deer got in, but it was treading water for several minutes and appeared to be a strong swimmer.

“Usually, they’ll come out of the woods. They’ll think it’s a field. And once they jump over the railing, they realize it’s water,” Jimmy Filipiak said.

The two men in the boat weren’t trained to work with animals. They just happened to be the closest available ones who were not on a specific assignment at the time.

“All we wanted to try to do was get in front of her. That way, if we keep her in front of us, she don’t see what’s behind her,” Filipiak said.

After about 20 minutes on the water, they were able to lasso the deer and drag it with them as they drove back to the reservoir steps, where an Animal Control truck was parked and people were waiting to pull the deer out.

“Once I got the lasso on her, I didn’t want to choke her, so we grabbed her by her ear to keep the cable off her throat,” Filipiak said.

The deer was then taken to a tree-lined area and set free into the woods near the reservoir.

By that time, people had gathered along the sidewalk that rings the reservoir. They yelled words of encouragement for the deer and the city workers as they watched the unusual goings-on.

“It was kind of unique. I never expected to see a deer in there,” witness Edward Lyons said.

So what was the deer doing in the reservoir in the first place? Why, the backstroke of course!

Video goodness at the link.


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