Woof-Out to the Dog Heroes

May 31 | 1 Comment

dogsbook-wardogsThis weekend is Memorial Day here in the good old US of A. It’s a time to remember those that paid the ultimate price to protect the freedom and liberty we enjoy today.

As a bonus for us pups, this is accompanied by family gatherings, plenty of food and the targeting of high probability treat machines.

While a lot of stories will be written about the human sacrifices made by our military heroes, rarely will there be a bark out to the special support provided by dogs. Admittedly our feline “friends” do not receive coverage either, but that’s because they are on perpetual college deferment programs. They’re takers, dogs are givers.

As I sit back, I picture what all the Private Rovers have gone through in support of our country during times of war. I can’t help but imagine myself with a combat helmet strapped around my large cranium and a cigarette dangling from my snout as I peer out of a foxhole. I smell the German Shepherds coming at me, but I stand tough and defend my turf, and my country. I’m John Wayne, Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood all rolled up into one fur suit (I guess I could lose a few pounds).

The reality is I’d probably run away like a Yorkie on his first day at doggie day care. Had it been up to me to defend this country, it would be likely that we’d all be barking German today. What can I say? I like to sleep on a bed, mooch food from my parents and snuggle my sister Moose. In short, I’m soft…and a coward.

That’s why I am so grateful for those that have the strength, courage, and self-discipline to not only make it in this man’s army, but to thrive in it as well. These are special dogs and should be thanked for their sacrifice.

I think the K-9 promise says it all:

My eyes are your eyes, to watch and protect you and yours.
My ears are your ears to hear and detect evil minds in the dark.
My nose is your nose to scent the invader of your domain.
And so you may live, my life is also yours.

Let me give my heartfelt thanks to all service dogs past, present and future for all that you do for this country and your fellow man. If you want to read moving tributes visit to read the stories of our latest fallen heroes.

After you do, feel free to head to Hamburger Hill, better known as the grill out back.

To honor our heroes, I’m giving away a free, personalized, and pawtographed book of Bad to the Bone: Memoir of a Doggie Blogger. To enter to win the best dog book ever, head over to and leave a quick little story, observation or comment.


One Response to “Woof-Out to the Dog Heroes”

  1. Lisa on June 2nd, 2010 7:21 am

    Salute to all the dogs!!

    Check this amazing video of a talented dogĀ

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