A Little Help From My Friends

June 15 | 1 Comment

Bad To The Bone - Rescued DogI like exercise as much as the next dog, if not more.

OK, that’s a lie. At this stage of my canine career, I don’t like it much. That’s what happens when your bones creak like a listing boat in the middle of the sea, or in an oil soaked gulf (thanks BP).

That’s why the last thing I want to be doing these days is to go on a long walk in the woods.

What’s the point? If I see something worth chasing, I’m on a leash and can’t get to it anyway. I’m done training to look like a bully whippet, so the aerobic exercise is worthless to me now.

Frankly I’d rather be sneaking on the couch while my folks are out.

This is great advice to any aging pup. In fact a dog named Nero could have used it before heading up his local mountain. BBC news has the full story.

A dog had to be carried down a mountain after he became tired and injured on a walk with his owner in the Ogwen Valley near Bangor, Gwynedd.

Three members of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue team took turns to carry 30 kg (66lb) black Labrador Nero, on their shoulders down Y Garn.

Team member Chris Lloyd said it was the right decision to call the team.

Nero, who suffered sore paws, is now recovering at his home in Chester.

“We first put him in a large bag, but it was such a hot day it was obvious the dog wasn’t happy, so we decided to carry him down on our shoulders,” said Mr Lloyd.

“We took frequent breaks so that he could walk around and he didn’t mind being carried like that, as he was resting on our rucksacks with his legs either side on our shoulders.”

Nero, who is 10, was taken poorly after a “nice walk” up Y Garn, said Mr Lloyd.

“The plan had been to carry on to Glyder Fawr but his pads got a bit raw, as he is used to running on grassland, and his back legs got a bit wobbly.

“Passers-by tried to help, but it was a good decision to call us,” he added.


One Response to “A Little Help From My Friends”

  1. Josh on June 15th, 2010 10:48 am

    Good read. I know my dog feels the same way. She caught a few squirrels back in her day, but now she just perks up when she sees one. It’s as if the will is still in her, but physically she just can’t move like she used to.
    Check out the poll I created. I want to know what others feel is the best dog breed for a family with kids.

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