Clean Snakes Are Still Scary

Yesterday, my father dropped my mother off at the airport.It is her annual pilgrimage home, and some time for her to vacation in Maine with her girlfriends.

This is the time of year where my father gets to spend 10 days fending for himself and the army of fur balls he calls his own.

Here it is less than 24 hours later and you can already sense the absence from the home. How you may ask? By simply looking at the counter tops.

Strewn about are four glasses, three peach pits, and a peanut butter laden spoon laying on the dish rag. Don’t even think that anything has been wiped down.

My mother would freak out but, in her absence, it’s all fair game.

…and that’s just the kitchen. No doubt, we’ll get to the is there any waybedrooms, the living room and the basements in future posts. Hopefully it won’t be anything like today’s story. He

The mother-of-two was greeted by the 5ft corn snake but it did not appear bothered by being put through a full cycle wash.

‘I opened the glass door at the front and I saw something. I took it be part of a pair of jeans and then I wondered if it was a toy snake that children use,’ said Mrs Foley, from Exeter,

‘But then it poked its tongue out at me. It was horrible and quite big. It was just lying there on the washing.

‘I don’t know if it had been through the complete cycle or not. I screamed and screamed – I was terrified.’

She ran out in the street to ask for help and a passer-by told her he thought it was a boa constrictor. Her ordeal got worse when she called police – and was accused of making a hoax call – while the RSPCA refused to send anyone out until the next day to collect the snake.

Mrs Foley and her two sons, aged 18 and 21, were forced to sleep in the house convinced the snake would escape from the machine.

‘I kept thinking that it would get out and also that there could be more than one in the house. I hate snakes,’ said the 51-year-old.

‘They scare me and I have absolutely no idea where this one came from.’

I can relate. When I see a snake I run the other way like a 6 week old Shi Tzu.

Hey, we all have our weaknesses.


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