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Good morning ladies and gentlemen, cats and dogs, and penguins the world over.

Have you ever noticed that when folks encounter someone handicapped; be it a person in a wheelchair, a bird on a set of crutches, or a dog wearing  coke bottle eyeglasses, they tend to look away. For whatever reason they feel sorry for what they perceive as someone/something that is disadvantaged.

What they fail to realize is that the object of their empathy needs no pity. For who’s to say what mission their soul is on, what lessons they are here on this earth to learn. In fact, what may appear as a handicap to one, may in fact be an advantage to another.

Don’t believe me? Then look no further than today’s story from the

Sheepish Cui, 38, says she would normally have killed the youngster at birth, but was so impressed by his struggle to survive she began to hand-rear him.

‘He was so determined to live he pulled himself up onto his own two feet and started drinking his mother’s milk. I couldn’t let him die,’ said Cui at her farm in Shangdong province, eastern China.

Now the baaamy young lamb – who weighed in at just 11 lbs when he was born – and Cui are inseparable.

‘He may only have two legs but he gets around very quickly and is pretty steady on his feet. He follows me everywhere and I haven’t got the heart to slaughter him.

‘After all, half my profit is missing anyway,’ she laughed.

Vets have told the farmer that the birth defect could have been a genetic throwback or the result of chemical pollution.

‘He doesn’t mind. He has such a friendly personality and I don’t think he even realises he’s disabled,’ said Cui.

So there you have a simple lesson on this glorious Monday morning from a handicapped, nay, a disturbed but gifted dog.

Next time you see me in public, be sure to make eye contact with me.


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