Love Knows No Bounds

funny dog blogLove is a crazy thing.It doesn’t care who or what the object of desire is.

For instance, there’s a stuffed animal in our house, it’s a squirrel or maybe a large rat, that my sister Mothball loves to play with. In fact she spends all of her time with it.

I could understand if the stuffing was treat filled but the only thing inside of this abomination is what my parents call”catnip”.

Once Mothball gets a hold of “Roadkill”, that’s my pet name for it, she won’t let go.

She hugs it, licks it, and cuddles it. It’s quite the public display of affection that, let’s be honest, makes everyone uncomfortable and nobody wants to see. Except my parents. but we already know they have issues.

So it did not surprise me at all when I read in The Metro this morning about a shark falling in love with one man’s arm.

Now, whenever he drops in on the 2m (7ft) predator’s tank, she shuns other divers to nibble his hair and rub against his head and body.

The unusual display had staff at the Sea Life Centre in Blackpool baffled – until they learned Mr Sutcliffe had a metal rod implanted in his arm after an accident.

‘We’re convinced magnetic particles in the pin in Martin’s arm are causing little electrical discharges that only Betty can detect and which she finds irresistible,’ said display supervisor Carey House. ‘It’s amazing to watch.’

Mr Sutcliffe (pictured) enjoys his close encounters with Betty, who has 50 rows (yes, 50) of sharp teeth and feeds on fish and crustaceans.

‘I wouldn’t have anyone take my place,’ the 33-year-old said. ‘She only nibbles, rather than bites, but her teeth are so strong it feels like hard scratching and it’s impossible to ignore.’

No doubt Mr. Sutcliffe won’t be calling this Betty ugly to her snout.


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