Bears Protect Their Pot Turf

August 24 | 1 Comment

funny dog blogWeed.

Some people make clothes out of it, some build a show around it, while others still use it to enhance their appetite.

Before you get the wrong impression and think,  “Ahh, Bo always has the munchies. He must smoke weed!”, let me assure you, I don’t need performance enhancing drugs to increase my appetite.

I’m no Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens. No sirree, I don’t need anything to make me better. I’m a pro, and a natural one at that.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge those that do. You want to get high? Knock your socks, just don’t forget to give me some of your Scooby Snacks.

Live and let live I bark. At least that’s my stance if it involves weed and 13 black bears.

A marijuana farm in western Canada has been raided by police, but officers were left shocked when they found bears guarding it.

Around 13 black bears strolled around the fields but police soon realised that they showed no signs of aggressive behaviour and were in fact tame.

Police uncovered two separate outdoor marijuana crops of about 2,300 plants in total.

The five police officers were called to the marijuana plantation, near Christina Lake, to dismantle the farm and arrested two men in the process, while stumbling across the bears.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant Fred Mansvield, said: ‘They (the bears) were tame, they just sat around watching.

‘At one point one of the bears climbed onto the hood of a police car, sat there for a bit and then jumped off.’

Is it really surprising that a bunch of bears living on a marijuana farm are mellow? Just sayin’.


One Response to “Bears Protect Their Pot Turf”

  1. Ron on July 6th, 2011 4:51 pm

    So who was doing who the favor? The Bears protecting the crops, or the grower supplying the bears? Maybe it was mutual :)
    Cool site!

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