Educating Donkey Kong

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I’ve never been impressed by those who have attended institutions of higher learning.

I say that as a graduate of one of the premier dog academies in the country, Fire Hydrant U.

I know sit, stay and heel. Command me to go pee pee, poopie or stop licking and I’ll do it. I’ll give paw, roll over and bark for anyone who wants.

But what do you expect from a  dog whose IQ is in excess of 12?

Maybe it’s because I’m not threatened by finding an intellectual superior to me that I highlight today’s story of a chimp trying to better himself. Ynet News has the story.

Students at Al-Quds University in the Gaza Strip were surprised to see an unusual guest at their lecture room on Saturday – a chimpanzee who had escaped from a nearby zoo, Palestinian news agency Maan reported.

University sources said the chimp entered the lecture hall through a window left open and even listened to the lecture.

One of the university workers told the French news agency, “We were very surprised to see the chimpanzee who escaped from the zoo right next to us. It entered the university lecture hall and jumped into the meeting room. It caused shock, but also surprise, among the students.”

According to reports in Gaza, some of the university’s female students screamed as they spotted the ape in the room.

The chimp will not be able to take any courses, however, after being captured by zoo workers with the help of the campus’ security officers and returned to its cage.

We can only hope the chimpanzee implements his plan for peace in the region.

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  1. CK on May 1st, 2011 1:04 am

    BJ and the Bear, wow you are one old dog!

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