Bloodhound Wine Tester

funny dog “He’s one classy dog.”

That’s a comment that will never pass the jowls of anyone describing me. I’m a working class mutt that likes to get his paws dirty at the dog park, and then down a 12-pack of Bowser Beer on the ride home. Granted, the chick-truck I travel in doesn’t have a gun rack but at least it isn’t pink.

In short, I’ll never be confused with a Shiu Tzu or a Yorkie or a member of the Thundercats. I’m too proud for that.

Funny thing is, I always thought bloodhounds felt the same way about themselves. Turns out they have traitor in their midst. The Herald Sun has the details.

A nose of breeding and distinction sets Miss Louisa Belle apart from the pack. The seven-year-old red bloodhound has such a superior sense of smell that she has been trained to detect tainted corks affecting wine.

“She just has to sniff a barrel of wine to know whether it is off,” Mr Fischl said. “Most wineries rely on the human nose but that is time-consuming, costly and nowhere near as reliable as Belle, whose nose is 2000 times more sensitive than ours.”

Instead of sniffing corks, they decided to train their dog, who was becoming destructive around the house. Coming from a line of search-and-rescue dogs, Belle is particularly sensitive to smell and can even detect a tainted wine through the bottle.

Miss Louisa Belle can detect faulty corks before they are inserted in bottles as well as corks that have broken down when wine has been stored. She can also detect mildew leaf on vines.

The only wine you’ll get from me is when I’ve been left inside too long. A boy needs to go outside and tend to his business.


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