Horse Caught on Red Light Camera

You ever have the feeling that you could out run Ben Johnson during his steroid fueled hey-day?

I know I do, even at my advanced age. It usually happens after I’ve been locked up in the house all day or I see a squirrel in the distance. The desire is there, although I’m not sure the speed is after all these years.

I always wonder what my peak speed is now? Is it a humanesque 20mph or a cheetahesque 60mph? I’ll never know, but a horse in Germany gave it a shot.You see, she was caught on a red light camera in the city of Meppen.

Sadly, red light camera’s don’t care about speed, they only care about money traffic infractions.

Turns out she escaped from her dog house and dashed off down a busy road as the Austrian Times tells us.

A police spokesman said: “The horse was galloping at full speed for several kilometres before it could be stopped, caught and led back home.

“The picture was taken by a camera set to take pictures of speeding motorists and people going over the red light. It was actually a car driver that triggered the picture and the horse ended up being snapped in the same picture.

“The driver has asked if he could avoid paying the fine – he claimed he was trying to get out of the way of a runaway horse. At least we know that part is true.”

The horse was returned to its paddock unharmed. A broken fence was repaired to prevent a repeat.

I wonder whether putting a rock in front of the fence would keep old Nelly from escaping again. I know that’s how my old man would try to fix it.


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