Elephants Arrested at Bus Stop

If you’re going to escape from your life, you need to do it the right way, like the time many moons ago when I ran away from home on a regular basis.

Once busted out of my back yard, I wasn’t stupid enough to head into the city and show boat my whereabouts. No, I knew I needed to stay off the grid in hopes of maintaining my freedom.

It worked like a charm until, well, I got hungry. Then it was time to go back home and allow the old man to catch me, and feed me. Sucker.

Turns out a couple of elephants could learn something from me. Reuters has the details.

BERLIN (Reuters) – Two runaway circus elephants in Germany surprised passersby and police by showing up at a bus stop during a brief bid for freedom, officials in Hanover said Tuesday.

Dunia, a 40-year-old Indian elephant, and her counterpart Daela, a 25-year-old African elephant, were apprehended by police near the western city of Hanover over the weekend nonchalantly munching on tree leaves and looking for all the world as if they were waiting for the bus.

The pair had escaped from their enclosure at a nearby travelling circus and walked some 50 metres (165 feet) to the stop, police said.

“It was simply an unlucky situation for the circus,” Hanover police spokesman Heiko Steiner said. “The two elephants were quite cooperative and peaceful. Everyone was amused.”

If the two were trying to make an escape, they were not going far, Steiner said. The police station is only a stone’s throw from the bus stop, which is out of use during the summer school holiday.

(Reporting by Eric Kelsey, editing by Paul Casciato)



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