Bull Gores Streaker at Pamplona

“If you’re going to play with the bull, you’re going to get the horns.”

Quick…what movie is that line from?

It’s none other than The Breakfast Club. You remember, it was the flick with a young Molly Ringworm, Emelio Sheen, and a host of other to be stars.

It’s a line we should all heed, especially if one is to deal with an actual bull, not a figurative one. Of course there are always people (or cats), that take things too far.

Take, for instance, this year’s running of the bulls. Why run with the bulls of Pamplona fully clothed when you can do it naked instead? One would think that as long as you don’t have a big, red rash on your arse you’d be safe. One would be wrong.

An angry bull has taken its revenge on a streaker during the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

To the delight of onlookers, the bull singled out the man amongst a sea of people in traditional white shirts and red neckerchiefs and went for him.

The world famous, seven day festival is held every year and attracts runners from all over the world.

Last week an Australian man was seriously injured when a 1,200lb bull sliced through an artery in his leg. He is expected to survive.

The full extent of the streaker’s injuries are not clear but he was able to walk away and was later arrested for causing a public disturbance.

He is unlikely to have been too unhappy about that, however, as he is clearly an exhibitionist and the attention probably made his day. It may even have made his whole week.

You ever notice that naked people always look better in the minds eye than they do in reality. Dogs…we look great all the time.


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